Hillel Ben-Asher, M.D.        MaryJo Thomson, D.O
David S. Lerman, M.D.        Andrew B. Becker, D.O
Barry R. Zitomer, M.D.

Blair Medical Associates is a group medical
practice of five board certified internists and family
medicine practitioners.  We maintain an active
practice in internal medicine with staff privileges at
Morristown Memorial Hospital.

Our office is located in the Medical Center at
James Street in Morris Township.  We are
immediately adjacent to the Harter Road exit of
Route 287, as well as easily accessible from the
local streets of Morristown.  

Our office is newly constructed 4,500 square foot
facility equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.  
The capability of providing all routine diagnostic
examinations on the premises provides for
efficiency.  In addition to physical examinations, we
are equipped to perform chest x-ray studies and
stress tests in our office.  Our cardiologist
performs all stress tests.

Laboratory studies are performed on premises.  
We are linked to the laboratory by computer
network, which allows us to receive reports within
hours.  Thus, we are immediately alerted to any
significant abnormalities.
261 James Street, Suite 2A
Morristown, New Jersey 07960